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System Maintenance

Use a damp sponge with mild household neutral detergent to clean the surface of the distiller. Keep it dry. (The rubber cushion within the upper cover is set with a specific direction; please do not remove it on your own.)

1. The Stainless Steel    

    Tank/ Boiler 

The interior of the stainless steel tank is smooth. Use a sponge to wash out the impurities with clean water occasionally. When the impurities pile up, descale with the stainless steel cleaner which is shipped together.

a) Pour water or hot water into the stainless steel tank untill it reaches slightly higher than the precipitate (scale).
b) Pour one to four spoonfuls of cleaner (based on the amount of precipitate) into the tank.
c) Leave the upper cover open, plug in the main power line, and turn on the power switch to heat the stainless steel steel tank until the water boils
d) Discard the water fifteen to twenty minutes later, than wash the interior with clean water.
e) If the precipitate is too thick to be removed, repeat the above procedure several times to clean the interior thoroughly.
f) A small amount of precipitate is harmless, and you can continue to use the distiller safely.

2. Cooling duct
Accumulation of too much dust on the fins of the cooling duct will reduce the cooling effect. When this happens, remove the three screws in the upper cover and clean the duct with a small brush or a vacuum cleaner.

3. Changing activated


We recommend that you clean the cooling duct and change the activated charcoal all the same time, about once a month.

4. Caution
Do not immerse the upper cover or the body of the distiller into water for cleaning purpose. Do not drip water into upper cover. Please add some motor oil around the motor shaft on a regular basis.
* You may notice a small amount of fine black powder, which is harmless charcoal powder, leaking out of the package when you use it for the first time.


For Your Safety
As improper usage will cause breakdowns and accidents, please observe the followings safety measure.
Place the Monark Distiller on a dry, Flat and heat-tolerant surface and keep it away from any heat source. Because the cooling fan will produce a noise resembling that of an air conditioner or an electric fan, we suggest you place it in a well-ventilated kitchen.
Use an electric outlet with proper voltage, and do not share the same outlet with other appliances; otherwise you may run the risk of overloading the power supply.
Be careful when using the extension cable to avoid tripping over the distiller.
Disconnect the main power line when pouring in water or cleaning the distiller, or when not in use.
Never immerse any part of the distiller in water for the purpose of cleaning.
Do not let children operate the distiller.
Do not remove the upper cover when the distilling process is on. Wait twenty to thirty minutes after the distillation is completed before removing the upper cover.
The power switch will start the distillation process, and will turn off automatically when distillation is finished. Switch off the main power line if you wish to stop the distillation process prematurely.
Do not pour hot water into the plastic reservoir tank to avoid damaging the tank. Before using the new reservoir tank or any new bottle to store the distilled water for the first time, please rinse out the new bottle with distilled water to take away the plastic smell of the bottle.
* Special safety point :
There are no devices to adjust or clean inside the distiller. Do not remove the screws at the bottom of the body to prevent causing any damage to the heating element and thermostat.






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