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Inorganic Vs Organic Minerals

' The Shocking Truth About Water '
Paul C. Bragg N.D.PhD, Life Extension Specialist &
Patricia Bragg PhD, Health & Beauty Consultant

" Now, let me give you a short lesson in chemistry. There are two kinds of chemicals, organic and inorganic. The inorganic chemicals like chlorine, alum and sodium fluoride cannot be healthfully utilized by the living tissues of the body. Our body chemistry is composed of 19 organic minerals, which must come from that which is living or has lived. When we eat an apple or any other fruit or vegetable, that substance is living. It has a certain length of life after it has been picked from the vine or tree. The same goes for animal foods, fish cheese and eggs. Organic minerals are vital in keeping us alive and healthy. If we were cast away on an uninhabited island where nothing was growing, we would starve to death. Even though the soil beneath our feet contains 16 inorganic minerals, our bodies cannot absorb them effciently inorganic minerals from the earth.

Humans do not have the same chemistry that a plant does. To repeat, only a living plant can convert an inorganic mineral into an organic mineral. And as you read this book you will learn what harm inorganic minerals can do to your body and your brain. "

" The Choice is Clear "
Dr Allen E. Banik

" Water, as a carrier of minerals, is fine for the plant. The plant in turn converts the inorganic to organic minerals. Now, our bodies can assimilate them. We have worked this process in reverse. We consume hard water saturated with calcium. magnesium, iron, copper, silicon, not realizing the body is unable to assimilate these nutrients efficiently. So nature tucks them in the joints as arthritis, in the intestinal walls as constipation, and along the arteries, causing them to harden. The kidneys and liver roll up the mineral deposits into little stones until they get too large for the ducts. Sometimes the "filters" of the kidneys become so mineral clogged that kidney transplants become necessary."

"There's a mountain in the water you drink. You can consume approximately 450 ponds of inorganic minerals from some tap and well water in your lifetime. This could settle in your vital organs like it did in grandma's teakettle, causing all kinds of trouble. Distilled water is the answer to remove all impurities."









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