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Features & Advantages
- Requires no assembly. Just fill up with water, plug in and press the start button.
- Fine finishing metal exterior. High quality stainless steel boiler tank, heating element and condensing coil.
- Heating element is built to last. It is positioned at the base of the boiler to ensure complete evaporisation of all the water in the boiler. Heating element is not immersed in the water.
- Automatic shut off when distillation process is complete.
- Volatile organic chemical venting.
- Post distillation activated carbon filter backup.
- Easy to clean and maintain. No scrubbing or adjusting of parts required.
- No filter cartridges to wash or to replace. No plumbing required.
- Convenient, elegant and portable. Blends with any kind of kitchen or office setting.
- For home use, office and when traveling.
- One year warranty against manufacturing defects.
- Lightweight - 3.5kg
- Low power consumption 580 W
- Compact size - diameter 20cm Ht 36cm
- Capacity 4 litres (1 gallon) per cycle. 12 litres per day.
Due to its high solubility, distilled drinking water can help to dissolve mineral deposits and toxins that have built up over the years in our joints, arteries and other internal organs.
As it purifies the blood and enhances its circulation, it also cleanses the entire body systems, lubricates the joints and keeps the body cool.
Being widely used in laboratories and hospitals, distilled drinking water is especially beneficial to people who have health problems especially relating to atherosclerosis, arthritis, urinary stones, haemorrhoids, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, emphysema, vision and hearing impairment and cardiovascular disorders.
Distilled drinking water helps to alleviate digestive disorders and improves absorption of nutrients, efficiently eliminating wastes from the body. This process can help the body to slim down, maintain ideal body weight and become healthier.
- It is the most ideal sports drink and an excellent thirst quencher.
Distilled drinking water can extract essence very effectively and will give a better taste and aroma to food, soups, coffee, tea and other beverages.
In the manufacturing industry, distilled water is also used in the production of micro-chips, liquid medicines, baby food, skin care cosmetics and toiletries due to its consistent purity.
In its pure state, distilled water is sparkling clean, has no odour and no taste. Due to this pristine condition it can attract, absorb and dissolve smells and pollutants in the body. For these reasons, distilled drinking water is the world's most efficient natural solvent and cleanser for our body systems.










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